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Welcome to Hair Extensions Portland, or Hair Extensions Portland Oregon, your go-to for all Portland hair extensions and hair extension applications! We know that Portland is full of options when it comes to extensions, so we are glad you chose us to help you find which hair extensions are best for you!

There are so many options available to you at Hair extensions Portland, with a wide range of hair extensions to choose from. Some of our favorite and most popular extensions options include:

  1. Clip-In Hair Extensions
  2. Tape-In Extensions
  3. Sew-In Extensions / Weave
  4. Hand tied Extensions
Portland hair extensions

About Hair Extensions Portland

At Hair Extensions Portland, we have always had a love for all things hair, so after seeing how many people were wanting to make a change in their hair by using human hair extensions, we decided that we should step in!

We know that while it would be ideal to have that long, thick hair you want, it’s not always as simple as that. Growing hair out can take months, and in some cases, years. Who’s got the time for that?!

Not to mention that while some people have it all in the length department, there’s still the problem of just not having enough volume! Maybe your hair is too fine, or maybe you just want more of it! Either way, Hair Extensions Portland wants to help you find the very best hair extensions for you to really boost your confidence.

With highly trained and experienced stylists, and a variety of real hair extensions, we are happy to be able to offer you a number of options when it comes to picking your hair extensions.

We know that everyone’s hair is different, which is why we want to help you pick the best extensions to make you feel beautiful, and most importantly, natural. What works for someone else, might not work for you, which is why we offer thorough consultations with a trained professional, who knows exactly what to recommend to give you the best looking extensions possible.

Why choose Hair Extensions Portland?

We have been a proud part of helping the people of Portland feel beautiful for many years. We know that there are a lot of places for Portland hair extensions, so we feel privileged that so many clients have chosen us to help enhance their natural beauty.

At our hair extensions salon Portland OR, we believe that everyone is beautiful, and we want to make sure that you feel like your best self. This is why our stylists have spent countless hours learning the ins and outs of the hair extension world, and have years of experience under their belt.

We know that hair is VERY important, as it is often one of the first things that people will notice. That is why we understand how important it is to have hair extensions that look absolutely stunning!

It is so easy to make excuses, and there is always going to be a million reasons not to do something. Life has a way of getting in the way of our plans, which is why it is important to call a hair extension salon near you today!

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What to expect when you come to Hair Extensions Portland OR

Portland hair extension

We know that when it comes to extensions, it is definitely not “one size fits all.” This is why from the first moment that you contact our hair extensions salon, we will make sure that we get you a consultation with an experienced hair professional.

Our stylists will take a good look at your hair, taking into account:

  1. Color
  2. Length
  3. Texture
  4. Density

These are all key factors that will play a part in deciding which kind of extensions are going to be best suited for you, your lifestyle, and your needs. This way you can feel comfortable, natural, and beautiful in your new hair extensions.

Our consultations allow us to get to know your hair, as well as getting to know you! At Hair Extensions Portland, we enjoy building quality relationships, so that you get the same amazing results and the same amazing experience every single time you come into our salon. Since extensions need to be reapplied to keep looking fabulous, we want you to feel comfortable coming back to us time and time again to keep you looking your best.

We also believe in educating our clients, so that you know what is going onto your hair, and feel comfortable knowing that you have all of the information you need to make an informed decision about which hair extensions you think will benefit you the most.

What are my options for hair extensions?

For those wondering, it does make a difference what your extensions are made of! Synthetic hair extensions are cheaper, but do not react as well to heat and color, which is why we recommend getting real, human hair extensions.

Since human hair extensions are not coated in silicone like some synthetic extensions, they can be treated more like normal hair, and will stay looking natural for longer, as well as lasting longer when taken care of properly.

There are many different options available to you at Hair Extensions Portland. We want to make sure that each person is genuinely happy with their new hair extensions, which is why we offer different types of extensions and applications that work with all different hair types.

Clip-In Hair Extensions Portland OR

Clip-in human hair extensions the fastest, easiest, and least committal of the hair extensions. These are similar to Halo extensions, in that they can be easily removed without going to a salon, as well as being easy to apply.

They are also the least damaging to your hair since there are no chemicals or glue needed to apply them. Clip in extensions are also great for clients who like to switch it up!

Tape-In Extensions

Unlike hair extensions with clips, tape-in extensions require glue and a heated tool to be applied, and should be applied by a licensed professional with the proper tools. The extensions are applied by being glued to either side of a piece of hair.

These will grow out with your hair, and will probably need to be moved up anywhere from 4-8 weeks from the initial application. For these, beware of certain conditioners and products, as too much conditioner too close to the scalp can cause the extensions to slip prematurely.

Sew-In Extensions or Weaves

Sew In extensions are great for those with thicker hair, as they require more hair to hide. This is due to the application, which requires actually sewing the extensions into tiny, horizontal braids on the scalp. These are great because they work with many different hair types. If this something you are interested in, be prepared to spend a couple hours in the salon, as this application takes longer than some of the other hair extension applications.

Hand Tied Extensions

Hand tied extensions are long lasting, and are easier to hide than some of the other extensions, since they don’t have clips. They are a good option for someone who wants long term extensions, and do not need to be moved up or reapplied as often as some of the previously listed options, as they don’t stand out as much when they start to grow out.

If you are interested in any of these extension options, talk to your stylist for more information.

About Portland Oregon

Known for its vibrant and colorful culture, Portland is a true melting pot of people. As the largest city in Oregon, it is surrounded by beautiful rivers, such as the Columbia and Williamette, and breathtaking mountains like Mount Hood. Home to numerous musical festivals and a thriving arts scene, tourists come from miles around to see how the people there continue to “Keep Portland Weird”.

While we have been happily beautifying the people of Portland for years, we are also happy to hear from those in the surrounding areas, such as:

  1. Vancouver
  2. Gresham
  3. Beaverton
  4. Tigard
  5. Tualatin
  6. Oregon City
  7. And many other surrounding areas!

Hear what some of our clients had to say!

At Hair Extensions Portland, we want to hear what our clients have to say, and we want you to hear first hand how some of our clients feel about their new extensions.

“Wow! I am in love with my hair extensions! I got hand tied extensions, and they are so amazing! I don't have to worry about my hair growing because even when my hair starts to grow out, they still look natural!”

Haley S.

“All of the stylists were so nice! My stylist answered all of my questions. I was surprised by how knowledgeable and talented she was! And then during the appointment, we just chatted and had a great time! It made me excited to go back and see her!”

Dasha W.

“I was so tired of trying to grow my hair out. It took too long and I didn't have the patience, so I finally decided to check out Hair Extensions Portland. I was so glad I did! They had so many options, and the extensions I got match my hair perfectly. I get so many compliments!”

Stephanie P.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Extensions Portland

How do I take care of my hair extensions?

This is something that you can talk to your stylist more about, but a lot of extensions can just be washed with a good shampoo and conditioner, and then left to air dry, much like your hair. Hair extensions don't need to be washed as much as your own hair though, and you can most likely get away with washing them every 10-15 wears.

How much do extensions cost?

This is something that is going to be different for everyone, depending on what type you get, the application, and how much hair you have. When it comes to hair extensions, if you want quality, be prepared to spend a little more money. A lot of people end up spending anywhere in the neighborhood of around $200-$600, but this is not an exact number, so do your research and talk to a stylist!

Can I color my hair extensions?

Typically, yes! When it comes to human hair extensions, a lot of them react to hair color just like your natural hair. Just be aware that the color might not take exactly the same as the hair on your head. And just as with your natural hair, you should always be cautious with lightener.

How do I know if hair extensions would be a good idea for me?

This is entirely up to you! Hair extensions are for anyone who wants hair that is longer, thicker, or even just something a little different! Hair extensions are entirely optional, and if you aren’t completely sure, we recommend trying something that doesn’t really require commitment, like clip in extensions.

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At Hair Extensions Portland, we really do believe that everyone is beautiful, sometimes we just need a little help to really let it show. We know that getting your dream hair might seem impossible, but it can actually be a dream come true!

We want to make this change as exciting and amazing as possible, and know that by working together with you, we can give you the amazing hair you want and deserve! Don’t stand in your own way any longer. Call us today so that our trained stylists can help you find the best hair extensions to help you feel as beautiful as we know you are!

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